Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dojos and Katas

I recently got back from a very successful Socrates 2011 (Software craftsmanship and testing camp) where I spent just over 2 days hanging around with a bunch of smart people and spent the whole time either writing code, or talking about code. I was involved in a lot of discussions about software craftsmanship as well as a few coding dojos. Dojos and Katas were always something I've done when I've felt like it, but never as part of a habit. Following the conference I started using Stefan Roock's great site codersdojo. It allows you to work on a kata, and upload it to the site when you're done. It provides statistics about how long each step took as well as when the tests were passing or failing: Thanks to Stefan for a great site and helping me add Haskell Support! Take a look at my haskell fizzbuzz kata below and please checkout Stefan's site.

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