Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2010: A retrospective

As someone who considers himself an agile developer It seems only fitting that I do some kind of look back at the last year to see what went well and what I need to do better next time. In 2010 my big achievements were.

1) Android App published
2) iPhone App Published
3) Monthly blogging
4) Tracking software on a git repository

1 & 2 were done to provide some software that potential employees could download and try out as an example of my ability (also, they were fun to do). 3 was done to try to show to the world my interest and passion for what I do.4 was done because up until 2010 I only had my code saved on a hard drive which made swapping between laptops tedious. The last year has certainly been fun, and I've learned a lot of stuff.

For the next 12 months I am going to carrying on investigating functional programming. I still haven't got my head around monads! I have been playing around with the arduino board a lot recently to satisfy my low level programming itch that I can't satisfy at work. I want to try to get involved in an open source project this year as well, it would be good if I could combine this with the arduino work. I've spent the last few months looking, but haven't been able to settle on a a project. It would be nice to do that this year. Then there's also the matter of a couple of articles I have been writing that I want to publish. There's lots of stuff here to fit between work and family. So for the next year I would want to commit to:

1) Publish a blog entry or video that explains monads, teach someone at work how to use them.
2) Contribute to an open source project related to the arduino.
3) Finish one of my articles and submit it to some publishers for consideration to publish.

That seems about the right sort of level. Let's see how it goes

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