Monday, January 4, 2010

Websites and Tools

I started playing around with a new website yesterday, trying to learn css, javascript in preparation for my first facebook app.
Whilst doing this I realised that making websites seemed very repetitive, and the resulting pages don't seem very neat.
What I wanted was to get through to adding content as soon as possible, but most content management systems I looked at seemed much bigger and more complicated than I needed.
So I started writing some tools to make the whole thing a lot easier. This lead me to wondering If I could make posting on my blog easier, since my malaysian connection is slow, and I don't always have a connection when I want to write posts.
So I downloaded Google's Data Protocol which would let me build an app for uploading posts.

And here it is!

My first post using my blogger posting tool. Not bad eh? Notice how it also lets me format stuff offline:

def foo():
message = 'I can even write code'

At some point I hope to get around to publishing the tools I'm working on

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